Balls & Roller Bearings

MiG Welding Wires

O Rings


Timing Belts

Balls & Roller Bearings

Universal IC Programmers

aiepl offers following consulting services:

Our consulting team offers Multi Dimensional consultancy solutions. Led by professionals having experience for effective Technical and Management consultancy related to various thrust sectors. Our senior consultants have vast experience in varied industries like : Plastics, chemicals, automobiles, power etc. Our advisory board consists of highly experienced people who have designed various models. Their experiences can offer complete solutions related to the various aspects such as:

Engineering Services:

  • Augemented Reality / Virtual Reality / Mixed Reality
  • Research & Development
  • Cost Reduction in existing system / Energy Conservation
  • Plant Operations in terms of Designing & Project Management
  • Greenfield Projects
  • Financial Research


Looking at the growth & increasing demand due to globalization, we focus our future in trading services. International Majors are willing for collaboration with Indian companies to explore the growing demands. Currently we represent worldwide known companies related to following areas:

We have following products in our protfolio:

1. Balls & Rollers Bearings (Direct source from Authorized Distributors)

2. O Rings / Oil Seals / Rubber Moulded Parts / Rubber Hose (Brands like Jin Young - Korea)

3. MiG Welding Wires (Brands like JBS & NM Weldtech - India)
4. Timing Belts (Brands like Contitech, Gates & Megadyne)
5. Heat Shields (Brands like JN Flex - China)
6. Hydraulics / Machine Parts / Machines (Brands from Japan, Taiwan) 

7. Universal IC Programmers

8. PCBs for EVs

Apart from above items we deal in machines for different applications & parts there of. We not only import these items but also export these items to any part of globe.

aiepl offers nutritional services:

HERBALIFE – “Stay Healthy the Herbal Way”

We welcome you to the world of healthy living! Supported by a heritage of more than 25 years of experience, our nutritional products have changed the lives of millions of people across the world. We offer programs that are custom designed to help people manage their lives and be healthy with basic nutritional supplements. You can also experience a sense of well being that will energize all aspects of your life. So you can make everyday a personal best. Reaching you targeted weight is the first step towards achieving good health and well being. Just being in shape does not mean you are in best of health. 

With stress and constant demands of today’s hectic pace of life, eating a well balanced diet that meets your daily nutrition needs may be difficult. So whether you want to feel more energetic or look and feel younger, with us you can achieve all this and much more. In order to be healthy, your body needs to be nourished at the cellular level. We call this Cellular Nutrition and this is the scientific foundation of all our programs. With the current rise in obesity and its related issues in India,our products are innovative lasting solution to weight loss and healthy living.

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