AIEPL offers following projects


geo thermal power plant

Our experts had designed & commissioned greenfield Geo Thermal Power Plant in Turkey.

Sea  Water  Purification

Currently this technology is under development. With this technology, we shall be able to use sea water for domestic purpose. The chemicals to be used in the process can be regenerated for reuse.

solar power

Team of Engineers at AIEPL have been assigned project of low  investment Solar Energy technology. ​

The  existing  technologies  require  high  investment    making  Solar  Energy  as  unpopular  without  subsidies.  AIEPL  team  is  expected  to  bring  some  breakthrough  in  the  solar  energy  technology  by  reducing  the  capital  investment.


AIEPL  has  developed  technology  for  improving  the  power  generation  efficiency  considerably  by  site  modification,  there  is  no  need  of  penstock / tunnel.

The  Technology  of  Water  Turbines  can  be  used  for generation  of  power  from  flowing  water  such  as  rivers,  canals  &  springs  etc. The  frequency  and  voltage  of  generated  power  are  regulated  by  electronic  controls supplying  the  power  for  distribution  in  near by  areas.    

Drinking  Water  from  Humid  Air

This technology is also under development for one of the globally esteemed organisation known for manufacturing water purification systems in the world.

​With this technology, small as well as large plants can be installed.

power from sea waves - movable water turbines

The  latest  Innovative  technology  of   MOVABLE  WATER  TURBINES   to  generate  Power  from  Sea  Waves  is  much  awaited  Renewable  Energy  technology  offering  commercially  viable  and  technically  feasible  solution  to  generate  power  from  few  hundred  Kilo Watts  to  thousands  of  Mega Watts.

​The  use  of  low  cost  sea  water  resistant  material  keep  the  installation  cost  low  with  long  life.